For those who love cooking, or simply would like to learn, we offer cooking classes held by some of the chefs from the Italian Chef Federation.
In such way you can learn how to cook sensational dishes without even leaving the house.

The course consists of 5 lessons (from Monday to Friday).
Every lesson will end with a tasting of all your cooking achievements complemented by wines and distillates from our production.
However, if you are interested in learning some fabulous recipes but you are not willing to spend too much time with it, we also offer "a day with the chef".

The cost of the complete course is 500,00 per person (minimum 5 persons) and needs to be booked at least 2 months in advance.
The "day with the chef" costs 120,00 per person and can be booked one month in advance.
For both choice, the reservation has to be confirmed by paying a non refundable 30% of the total amount.

We invite you to visit our products internet site "La Velona".

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